Training consists of many factors:Fun

  • human resource
  • training facilities
  • time frames
  • And most likely a million more items to be considered.

Important is a clear and standardized approach throughout fleets and departments. To benefit from changes it requires a long term plan where all participants want to be after time  x. Problems do usually arise by too many uncoordinated changes within a short time. Leading to frustration as usually manpower is short to achieve this.

 So you can expect from us assistance to achieve a smooth transition from current situation to desired comfort zone.

 Mainly problems do derive out of the fact, that airlines usually promote very competent pilots and instructors to become managers.

Usually pilots do not have any academic background and much more important no management education.

 So our key to success is to assist those very gifted persons to become not only good pilots but as well efficient managers. Companies do rely a lot on efficient usage of human resources and machines.

 We assist at:

  • Fleet management (Boeing and Airbus)
  • Training management (Boeing and Airbus)
  • Standardization Department
  • Flight Safety Department
  • Cabin Management
  • Training Facilities