Talking about controlling, management is thinking first of all about standardized numbers and figures ready to be interpreted.Controling

Certainly this is a key figure required for a controlling process.

Balanced Aviation however did realize, that a lot of these numbers at Flight Operations are numbers that are not really reflecting potential to safe money or prevent waste.

 For instance you will achieve a lot of saving by reducing fuel reserves to a minimum on paper, as you do carry less fuel around and therefore reduce your trip fuel.

However you might end up with a few more diversions leading to follow up costs that are exceeding by far what was saved by fuel consumption.

Needless to say that carrying around loads of extra tons is no achievement as well.

 We all agree that you are able to determine the optimum by keeping statistics about this.

 More difficult it is to quantify the potential of saving cost e.g. by correct use of brakes.

It’s too many factors involved into the decision process of a pilot to give it a plain guideline for all weather, runway and aircraft conditions.

Therefore it pays off to put some attention as well outside of those pure balance figures.

Experience at Balanced Aviation allows us to identify quickly resources that can be saved.

There are a lot of successful airline examples waiting to be copied.